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Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Man, I didn't know this was so common and how slow the recovery is!

So, usually this happens to people over time (men over 40) and many times it can be from lifting weights. I however, ruptured mine during a mountain biking accident over Memorial Day weekend. Decided to check out a new trail (to me, at least) in Wisconsin called Camrock. Really awesome trails anywhere from beginner to expert. Well, I decided to hit the expert trails and ended up eating it. I went over my handlebars and to avoid hitting a tree head on, stuck my right arm out to push off and right away, felt something snap. It hurt but was not terrible.

I've wiped out plenty before and the pain was tolerable. I knew I definitely had done something to my bicep/forearm but didn't realize how severe it was. I rode about 3 more miles of trails and headed back to my vehicle where my girlfriend was hanging out waiting for me. I pulled up and looked more closely at my arm and realized something was funky. My bicep was riding pretty high on my arm... like, really high. I was like "hey, don't freak out, but I think I might have done something to my arm. Look up rolled up bicep and see what we get." Sure enough, there was a ton of articles on distal biceps tendon rupture, and I was pretty positive this is what had happened.

I ended up going to the emergency room and they did an X-ray. From that they could see that my tendon and detached. Since it was Memorial Day weekend, I had to wait until Tuesday to call a doc I was referred to and get an appointment. I was seen that Thursday by an Orthopedic surgeon. They got me in because this is a time sensitive surgery that needs to be done within 2 weeks of the rupture to mitigate complications with the tendon shortening. Once it shortens, they can't do the procedure the way they'd like to.

Check out this animated video on the repair surgery.

Well, I'm a little over a week from the surgery and it even hurts to type. My arm is very weak and again, have been told it is a long rehab to get back to 100%. I won't even start lifting a 1 lb weight until about 14

weeks in. It ruined my summer and especially my mountain biking game. I had just gotten back from a trip toAustin, TX where my son and I rode for three days on various trails. I was super stoked for the season to start and was a great way to kick it off, then the very first ride I have upon my return, I do this! What a freaking bummer. Oh well, trying to stick to limited use so that tendon re-attaches and I can get back to riding sooner than later and have the ability to use it in full force again. I keep it pretty well locked in place and only take off the splint to shower. Other than that, it's

zero use for the most part. If you could see me typing this now using only my left hand... It's comical to say the least. It actually feels more comfortable in the splint because it is stable and no worries of pulling that tendon out. That would be horrible. Have to play by the rules so that sucker re-attaches and lets me get back to normality and my active lifestyle.

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